Plant Variety Rights

The plant variety right is used to protect new breeds of plants and their denominations. The holder of such a plant variety right has the exclusive right to produce, market, and sell the dissemination material (seed and cuttings) commercially. The plant breeder/developer or discoverer is the sole party entitled to register the plant variety right. 

To qualify for a plant variety right the species must be new, sufficiently homogenous, consistent, distinguishable, and classifiable. The application is submitted to the Bundessortenamt in Hannover, which is responsible for examining the specifications. The application shall include cuttings or seeds, as one of the requirements involves growing actual samples. 

We will handle all of the necessary steps involved in applying for your plant variety right and the subsequent examinations conducted by the Bundessortenamt in Hannover. We will take all steps to defend your plant variety rights in cases of infringement, including litigation.